Thursday, December 20, 2007

Deploying FLOSS-Centric Student Interns

Deploying Floss-centric Students
An Attempt to integrate FLOSS people in the Business and IT industry
By Yusuf Morales

Normally Technical Students in our school go on internship in their second year, and this is actually the second batch of interns were sending to Business, IT industry, Private Companies and Government offices. WE begun sending student interns last year both to ensure our students have actual hands on industry experience as well as test the efficacy of our curriculum if it has met or exceeded the standards that are demanded by the industry.

Our Programming (IT) students armed by PhP, Java, C++ and MySQL programming skills (although they also are familliar with counterpart COTS software )were deployed among IT companies, we deployed our Computer graphics and design (GD) students to multimedia companies among them Acid House (a multimedia outfit doing multimedia production for ABS-CBN, Rush TV productions (an outfit producing a program on studio 23 ),as well as some multimedia post prod rigs in Makati. These Kids know Blender (as well as the COTS counterpart) Scribus and GIMP (and their COTS counterparts), sadly they are still trying to master either cinellera or KINO as they are more used to their COTS equivalents. Our Business and IT (BIT) interns were sent to businesses, private firms and government offices, in addition to COTS office suites as well as web designer tools, they are familliar and activiely use Open Office, which we hope could be a good enticing mechanism for businesses to use.

We are hoping that these second batch of office interns can also serve as people who will encourage businesses to use FLOSS.

Based on the results of this batch's progress we may then see how we could situate more in the world of IT education.

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