Monday, October 13, 2008 personal impressions

I've recently tried, a new virtual PC/Operating system thats web based. You can open it from a browser and youll have lots of features that you will definitely like.

Imagine having your own virtual PC online that you can use and utilize, whose hard disk space increases as you invite others to join you in using

I recently was visited by Gene Morada, the Philippine representative of and he introduced me to its features, I like the idea of Cloud computing specially when majority of my students com from class CD and E families, imagine what huge amount of storage space my students can have as well as a virtual desktop PC. Im a google fan, dedicated somewhat, but seiing its features, I feel like combining the usage of Google and and see how big my online virtual desktop space can get.

Ive arranged with our IT guy Sir Bryan to have Gene have a seminar on here in school for our students, and i feel like we have a lot of projects and collaboration to do eventually later.

Eventually i hope that would sponsor educational collaborational tools on their desktop so that we can use them to teach programming to our students.

to know more about please click here

For a view of the screen shots of the OS plse click here.

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gener said...

Thank you for your fine comment about rest assured that would assist you in terms of your needs.

maraming salamat po

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