Thursday, August 14, 2008

FOSS Films a requirement in IT education

I recently realized the value utilizing film as a way of popularizing open source, recently we hired a new teacher Mr. Brian De Vivar, another Open source advocate and Ubuntu buff.

When he had to accept another training session in C-office (shipboard office productivity suite for seafarers) which conflicted with his computer fundamentals class, i subbed in his class period. and trying to introduce the concept of open source, I let the students watch "Codebreakers" a documentary of the Free software movement.

I soon realized that it raised a lot of questions from our students. (we have been using open source for quite some time now and Open office/gimp/blender being some of our mainstays).

when the film viewwing was over i gave them time to write reaction paper which was never submitted in time. This also gave Mr. De Vivar time to watch the movie and another one "revolution OS". he later required his students to watch this other film and other students as well.

so our present crop of IT students realized that indeed, theres a new and big world out there with open source.

and so our journey to FOSS continues.

for those who havent seen the movie....

watch them!!!!

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